Sunday, July 09, 2006

Orbots Unite!

Mighty Orbots was originally released in 1984 in both the U.S. and Japan. One of my favorite intros. It only had a one season run.
Here is the rare photo of the toy protoype that was going to be released by Mattel. They were sadly going through a Tonka lawsuit about their similarity of "Gobots".
This God Mars toy was similar but it was available in U.S. toy stores.


Jay D Smith said...

orbots was great!!!

did you guys get ulysses 31 over there, that was my fav show from the 80's!

Unknown said...

Hey Jay, To answer you question, yes I have watched Ulysses 31 when I was growing up in N.Y.

burgerlog said...

hummmm.. 4 posts and none of your drawings....i am missing serapio.

Unknown said...

I remember that!

Taesoo Kim said...

Thanks for this post. I totally forgt to use youtube to check out old 80's cartoons.