Monday, December 08, 2008

Chowder Knishmas

Thanks to everyone for watching the Chowder special episode, "Hey hey It's Knishmas." We're glad to share the holidays with all of you. Here are some characters I designed for the epsiode.And you can see acouple more designs that Mr. Greenblatt posted on his NERD ARMADA.
We had so much fun at THE LOFT RESTAURANT CRAFT FAIR over the weekend! Thanks to everyone who visited our Pogipal booth. I drew so many Chowder characters for customers that it felt like a regular work day, phew!


Anonymous said...

i loved how they made chowder have a baby look with his little winter suit and i htink it helped alot that it was pink lol i love the totally groove mung

Leo said...

Man, I haven´t posted in a while..! Love your stuff as always, man! Chowder started airing here in Argentina a little while ago and I´m loving it, especially the texture stuff..! Awesome!

brian smith said...

really nice designs (on the Chowder stuff), and the color is not bad either!

Sydney said...

Oh man! you are like a GOD to me!! I'm a 16 year old jewish girl and I absolutely LOVElovelove Chowder:) and so do all of my friends. I still love Spongebob (first 3 season), and when I was younger I loved Billy&Mandy, and now I can definitely see the similarities of your designs. If you ever read this ridiculous long comment and if this is the real C.H. Greenblatt, I just want you to know that you are an amazing artist, designer, cartoonist and so much more! I deeply appreciate the episode plots and structure; along with some subtle references to things like the Twilight Zone, The Simpsons, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings etc. And when I have seen the puppets and such I love that too. I also love how you guys "break the fourth wall" :D I love everything about this show: voices,expressions,artwork, architecture,colors,characters,dialog etc. etc. Oh boy I should probably stop writing now. you are amazing, I love you, don't change!
Your Devoted fan, Sydney :)

RandomGuy said...

i like the look that chowder has it just gives it that little kick up the booty!! the he winter suit is awsome wish i had it lol messing but it would be cool:)
Now you have got to agree with me that mungs MOSTACHE is amazing but i also like that snazzy 80s look its groovy!!