Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Get your new Chowder DVD Widescreen release! 10 episodes of tasty fun! Save it for your cartoon archives or for holiday gifts. Nevermind, keep it for yourself!
Some silly characters from the Chowder episode "The Broken Part"
We have about a month to prepare for THE LOFT Winter Craft Fair.
Visit us at our booth & eat yummy Hawaiian food on Saturday DEC. 6
I'll be sketching free Chowder drawings for our customers!
See you there!


Anonymous said...

awesome ive bin wondering what the dvd would look like

SteveLambe said...

Cool!! Didn't know Season one was out yet. Early christmas gift for myself.

That orc is fantastic,btw.

Kieran Pertnav said...

wow, these are the first good pix of the DVD I've seen and it looks awesome. I noticed a booklet type thing in the picture, does that come with the DVD or not?

Kieran Pertnav said...

2 comments in a row XO. sorry. but I just saw Panini for Presdent and I thought it was amazing! It could be my new favorite chowder episode. everything was awesome, the humor, the expressions, everything. I love the animation and facial expressions, and the CN video version was in widescreen so it looked really good.

Anonymous said...

i've known about the dvd since June.

Anonymous said...

Can you post some character designs of the dragons from The Fire Breather episode?

Ps.I'd love to see them and Chowder in there hoola outfits.

Anonymous said...