Sunday, November 25, 2007

Animeland Japan

My wife and I had an amazing time in Japan! We visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji & Osaka. Sadly we did not run into any Streetfighters, veritechs, or giant Kaiju monsters. Imagine every anime combined, from Robotech to Miyazaki films, and that you are actually in it and thats Japan! You'll find plenty of Hi-tech cities to ancient temples, landscapes & toys to take a whopping 2000 pics. Theres too much to say and show, but I'll try to post a few interesting pics.Mechanical man directing cross walk.I don't know whats more terrifying, Skulltulas or giant hotdog shaped spiders!
Replenish all Heart Containers by drinking free holy water!
Tree Spirits don't show up on digital film:(
Pray to the Ancient Deku Tree. Howl's moving castle disappeared evertime I took a shot:(
Healing potion prices weren't too bad.
Their toy shops were so crazy that they make the local anime con & shops look weak.
The SD firedepartment hydrant lid on the sidewalk.
The Cat Bus was in disguise as a regular bus and brought us to Ghibli Museum.
It's hard to find good freelance robot mechanics these days.
Some statues give valuble info when you hit them with your sword.
The Master Sword was in safe keeping.

I heard that if you open Pandora's box on that bridge, it'll take you to a Saturday morning cartoon.Crime rate is so low, that they leave the Time Gates ungaurded.
Level 1 entrance is still preserved.
Ryu prays here on Thursdays when its less crowded.I really want to climb those walls.
Finally some Warhammer reference.
I feel more powerful with this Japanese exclusive Phantom Hourglass DS pen with Hyrulian shield screen cleaner. It's thickness is of a standard pen for better comfort on those long hours dungeon play on the flight home.
Back in the 80s or maybe even 70s, there were these little pullback cars that drove off on a wind up motor and did tricks when you put a coin on the back slot called Pennyracers. Well, in Japan, they are called ChoroQ and are still hot. My favorite toys right now!
There are remote control versions called QSteer. These are truly my most favorite to race these on my drawing table using office supplies for track boundaries. They run on LR44 watch batteries & up to 4 cars can race simultaneously. They were about 12 US dollars each.


xenos said...

a couple of things.

you are an incredible dork and i am an even bigger dork for understanding some of your captions.

those mini remote cars are the coolest.

you have way too much time on your hands.

and finally...

congrats on getting hitched yo!

Unknown said...

I was shooting for Dork Ranger Command, but Incredible Dork will do.

Anonymous said...

very lucky.
I want to go even more!

QSteer are awesome!

Zorilita - Mary Bellamy said...

Wow, that spider is creepy. That's awesome you got to go to Japan. I'd love to go there someday. Great pictures.

Dagan Moriarty said...

i'm super JEALOUS! :)
-that sounds like an awesome trip.

Your captions for the pics had me
rollin' with laughter, good stuff!

C.Deboda said...

Looks like alot of fun and glad you all had a good time. One day i hope to make it out there. :) And also, congrats on tying the knot too!

Jo Bling said...

Great pictures Serapio, would love to visit Japan myself


Jay D Smith said...

looks like you had fun!!

love the fire hydrant lid, wish we stuff like that around here!


Martin Wittig said...

Oh man, this is the trip that I want to take! Japan looks awesome, hopefully I'll be able to make it over there in another year or two.

nateinabox said...

yeah i'm with xenos in calling you out to be a huge nerd being able to see nerd stuff in all those locations, but alas i am just as big a nerd because i got all the references and actually laughed at my desk.

sounds like your visit to hyrule was a lot of fun. and i'm jealous of your ds stylus!

ggsoulsister said...

I wish I could have gone with you. I want to go to Japan so badly!

Unknown said...

Hello! Has been a long time since my last visit. So many new posts, pages. I'm living in Japan now and those photos are just awesome. I guess that every artist that comes here get his attention to the same things. I also took a lot of pictures of similar things! Thanks for posting!

Charles Drost said...

Aw, man! You went to Japan before me. I'm jealous.

Congrats on your marriage. Looks like it was a pretty cool honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

these are awesome! me & my family are japanese & we live in japan currently. (= thanks for showing my pride, too!!

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